Thursday, November 29, 2012

Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank Works On Stupid People

This video has taken YouTube by storm. It happens in Brazil and uses a fake elevator to break out some interesting reactions in people. What would you do?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Capt Kirk v Capt Picard? The Star Trek Question Of The Ages takes up the question of Capt Kirk v Capt Picard, and introduces new vlogger Jessica Mann in the process. This also marks the first official “person-on-the-street” video produced for Zennie62 on YouTube, where we go around and ask people for their view on a question of the moment. It also marks the first of our SCI-FI DEBATES and Star Trek Debates series of videos, where we ask burning questions on the minds of Trekkers, Geeks, and Nerds (is there a difference) everywhere. More at, here: Capt Kirk v Capt Picard – Star Trek Debates Video

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Joan Walsh’ “What’s The Matter With White People” A Daring Work

When this blogger was first informed about Salon Editor-At-Large and MSNBC Contributor Joan Walsh’ book What’s The Matter With White People, the first thought was “What The F—?” Is Joan playing with the fire of white guilt or what? There are so many directions to go with that title that it made this one’s head spin. Then, I listened to an interview Joan gave on CSPAN, and told her via Facebook (where we’re connected) that I wanted to interview her about the topic – but I had to read the book, first.

Well, after taking three days to pour through it, this blogger has a lot to say about What’s The Matter With White People, but here’s a confession: the title’s really hard to say in the middle of a book store. More at here:Joan Walsh’ “What’s The Matter With White People” A Daring Work

Monday, November 5, 2012

State Of Georgia Voting Rules

Georgians, Election Day is tomorrow, and you’re certainly very concerned about the wave of attempts at trying to block your right to vote. Well, the fact is that, regardless of your party affiliation, it’s a good idea to know not just what your voting rights are, but what you need to have, and can do, to vote.
That’s where this handy set of rules issued by The Georgia Democratic Party is useful. Here’s what you can do if you live in the State of Georgia: More at Rules For Voting In The State Of Georgia