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Rob Woodall, Georgia GOP Congressman Health Care Hypocrisy

Rob Woodall, Georgia GOP Congressman Health Care Hypocrisy

Georgia GOP Congressman Rob Woodall (GA District 7) was caught at a town hall meeting making a statement, or a series of them, that could ...
Lakesode Park and 565 Bellevue at Lake Merritt
Salsa By Lake Merritt On Sunday
Kwik Way Grand Opening
A Ratty Tree House On Euclid In Oakland
Troy is Captain America
America has too many captains!
The Golden Gate Bridge from the yacht America
Beth and Liza drive America the yacht
Chrissy D and Brad on America the yacht
Beth, Hana, Christine, and Carol at Golden Gate Yacht Club
Swedish Women's Congregation at Golden Gate Yacht Club
The Golden Gate Bridge
Capt Troy Sears
Liza and Kathy on America
The Yacht America. Set to sail today in San Francisco
Lakeside Park at Lake Merritt in Oakland
Steve Mariucci at NFL Draft
Sam, Stephanie,and Courtney - masters of Bay To Breakers PR and media
Ridoune Harroufi, Bay To Breakers winner, with Josh Muxen, Angela Fang, and Katie Harrar
Allison, Courtney, and Stephanie: Media PR Rock Stars
IMF's Dominique Strauss-Khan proves that having a big title does not mean you have common sense. Married dude accused of rape.
One day after The Zazzle Bay To Breakers, that he was not in but holds the record for Samuel Wanjiru dies at 24. b2b100
Bay to Breakers winners with Angela Fang
More runners coming in from Bay To Breakers
Lineth Chepkurui with KRON's Vern Glenn after Bay To Breakers
Lineth Chepkurui beat Mamitu Daska in Zazzle Bay To Breakers by 1 second
Lineth Chepkurui and Ridouane Harroufi win 2011 Bay To Breakers. Harroufi first non Kenyan to win in 20 years
Bay To Breakers finish line
Bay To Breakers finish line...waiting...
Bay To Breakers we pass Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park
Bay To Breakers mile mark 5
Bay to Breakers at top of Hayes Street Hill
Bay To Breakers security
Bay To Breakers elite runners warming up.
Bay to Breakers start line!
Vern Glenn and Officer Carcelen
Waiting for porto potties at Bay To Breakers
Zennie62Media on the Red Carpet At Night Of 100 Stars Oscar Party
SF Deputy Public Defender Qiana Washington talks about SF Police brutality cases sfnews sanfrancisco
Matt Gonsalez calls for zero tolerance of SFPD police misconduct
Jeff Adachi talks new SF Police misconduct video now
@YouTube must block use of the N-Word in the comments of videos. It is out of hand.
Recalling an excellent salmon salad at the Capital Grill across Broadway and 1/2 down 50th from Radio City in NYC
Microsoft Acquires Skype for 8 billion! I remember when Skype was a small startup with a handful of users.
United Airlines B Concourse photo
United Airlines O'Hare Terminal photo
Sears Tower in Chicago in photo. I like the old name.
Man. Tyler Gabbert trending without entering the @NFL Draft
Must be a lovely day all over for kutschool to be hot hashtag. SaveFerris is next
just joined and linked 10 accounts. Wild platform app
Man! Lovely Chicago day! Sun is out and it's getting warm!
Osama Bin Laden Is Dead - Credit President Obama

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead - Credit President Obama

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead. President Barack Obama made the stunning announcement at 11:39 PM EDT Sunday, as this blogger sat in a position ...

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