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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bank Of America, Fayetteville GA Service Issue - Big Problem!!

As this blogger wrote over at Zennie62.com, the Bank of America in Fayetteville, Georgia, and more specifically one teller who for some reason didn't want me to be helped or was too much of something, did not allow me to deposit, not cash, a check that had my name and my company name on it, with my address. They said I needed a business account! That's nuts, and wrong.

The Bank of America branch, according to Bank of America's own on-the-phone customer service representatives, wasn't suppose to do that. They were suppose to deposit my check.

To show this problem and what B of A's own phone people said, I created the video above. Was it racism? I don't know. The same problem happens to different people. But given that the bank seems to think it's "discretionary," how do I know it's not race-related, even when the business is black-on-black?

The bottom line is the Bank of America's own customer service representatives said they should have deposited the check in my account.

Bank of America must stop this bad service from its branches, and tellers who act like they run the bank, with the managers there for window-dressing.

Suppose I needed that money because I had to make an emergency trip for my mother and was without cash? What then?

The B of A people were not helpful, when they could have been. There's no excuse for that.


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